This post is part of my 2020 goal to read 25 books.

20th Anniversary Edition


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I had heard of this book, as I’m sure you have, many times prior to reading it. It Is consistently mentioned in threads across reddit, HN, Lobster, etc as one of the books every programmer should read. It’s true and you should too.

This book covers a variety of topics ranging from personal responsibility, testing, architecture, naming, and even scrum/agile. There were many times, as I was reading through it, that I thought “Wow! I’ve had that exact worry/fear/frustration” and then for it to be clearly addressed on the next page.

Don’t wait to read this one. Just buy it, read it, love it.

Note: The book includes a number of tips and challenges. I’ll be adding some posts in the future going over each of them.

Author: David Thomas & Andrew Hunt

Score: 3/3

Buy: Amazon