This post is part of my 2020 goal to read 25 books.

A Biblical Approach To Environmentalism and the Dominion Mandate


I heard about this book on a podcast last year and have wanted to read it ever since. It’s a fairly short read (I finished in less than a day) but it covers a lot of things:

  • The areas in which Christians have failed to acknowledge their responsibility to the environment (conservation, pollution, etc).
  • The practical benefits of a clean environment.
  • The danger of elevating the environment (and everything in it) to idol-status.
  • Observations on the effects of climate change.

From the note provided by his nephew in the forward, and Dr. Wlison’s own words, it’s clear he is passionate about God’s creation and our responsibility as it’s stewards. I would highly recommend this book to any believer (or otherwise) for a practical (and Biblical) perspective.

Author: Dr. Gordon Wilson

Score: 3/3

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