Disabling JavaScript (by default) has been one of the better decisions I made in 2019 and it’s such an easy change (especially if you use uBlock Origin). You load up a site as normal, wait to see if it works as expected, and then either turn it back on or leave it off. Sure, the vast majority of sites don’t function without it, but it’s worth the 5-seconds it takes to test.

Why would someone want to disable JavaScript? There are a few reasons, including faster load times, better security, and fewer ‘wtf, why is the fan kicking on when I’m just loading my calendar?’ moments.

And the best part is that a surprising number of sites continue to work without JavaScript, including:

There are a few sites I’ve found that don’t bother to tell you that they require JavaScript to work (and instead show a blank page), including:

Either way, it really is an easy switch and it’s always a joy to find a site that just works without it. We need more of those.

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